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Replying to @astrologyzone .. can't wait, susan! i just listened back to my chart reading this week and Brenda Smith @brenz Mar The latest Tweets from Susan Smith (@EastTennMom) pal for a year of premium (long) Susan Miller AstrologyZone DAILY Horoscopes in Apple App Store.

I want to believe there is some truth in what she is saying but honestly I think she is pretty much off the mark. And if you look at the astrological signs they are almost the same in regards to good days and bad days.

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Susan Miller. She does a pretty good job for a generalized monthly horoscope.

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It's actually one of the best ones out there and you won't find any that are as lengthy and give as many dates. To get a little more accuracy it's best to also read the horoscope for your rising sign, then corroborate the primary themes and dates.


Of course, there is no substitute for having an astrologer read your own, specific natal chart, and you shouldn't expect anyone's monthly horoscopes to approximate that level of specificity. Do not judge astrology as a whole from just reading generalized monthlies. If you find that your sunsign scopes are generally off no matter who you read try reading for your rising sign- that can actually be a better match sometimes if your birth data is not close to the center of the bell curve these general sun sign ones are written for.

Just find an online rising sign calculator and then read the monthly horoscope for that sign too.

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Susan Finkelstein: Philadelphia? Susan Smith Case? I visited astrologyzone by Susan Miller, i print out what she predict for December Now, please explain to me, am i too naive to believe in astrology?

Let me know one thing, how accurate is Susan Miller? Posted on June 18, Updated on October 20, I decided to take a peek to see what I could pick up on astrologically. This gives him a moon in the early degree of Aries, 2 degrees to be exact. The abundance of Gemini energy in his chart made him quite mercurial in nature: His ideas and philosophies shifted often and he was interested in a variety of subjects. Gemini needs constant mental stimulation and Tupac studied poetry, ballet, jazz and acting while at the Baltimore School for The Arts.

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His Moon squares Neptune, the planet of mystery, spirituality and divinity. His relationship and feelings about women were quite complex in nature.

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His Venus Love opposes Neptune! Here we have the poet and hopeless romantic.

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This creates strong karmic ties between two people that are difficult to break. The Pluto person Tupac often has a strong hold over the person their Pluto touches.

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Feedreader Observe. This eclipse in Taurus will blend better with your Virgo Sun as compared with the April 15 eclipse in Libra, so the news of the second solar eclipse should theoretically be easier to deal with in April. But so is getting on a ton airplane and going across the country. Writing on a little card and placing it next to the picture would explain the story and be very fitting! Sorry to keep you waiting. Her loving, optimistic style is what readers enjoy most about her work.

This is all linked to his feelings of abandonment and self-worth. Neptune is also associated with mystery. Transiting Uranus was approaching a conjunction to his natal Mars at the time of the shooting.