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I hated that she doesn't know how she feels completely for one that she has to try and test who she really wants. Matias What can i say? I didn't like this guy at all. I never liked him on the first part, didn't like him towards the middle, and in the end, I still didn't like him. His character was so flat and boring. I can't feel any sympathy for him at all. I don't get why he is so cold and uncaring. Probably because like all the other older people in this book, they don't respect the opinions of anyone younger than them.

I think Matias suffers from that too. Hysan He is the only character in this entire book that I was able to really like. He was this smart, funny, and a very supportive type of character. He was almost too perfect. And I wasn't complaining. If it wasn't for Hysan, I would have really really really hated this book.

He reminds me of Nikolai from the Grisha Trilogy. If you have read that book, you'll understand why I like Hysan. If you hate love triangles and insta-love, you might want to pass this book up. The romance in this book was so terrible. I wish this part of the story just got cut off because, i think it wasn't necessary. This book was already good without the complication of a love triangle. Oh and there would be cheating too.

I hated that so much! I can take love triangles. I can take insta-love. But I would never ever think it's okay to sleep with someone and realises you want the other guy, then kisses him all in one day. Just no. The world that the author made for this book was phenomenal!

I can't even begin to say how fantastic and expansive it was. It was so unique. I don't think I have ever read anything like it. I was enchanted by this whole world in the galaxy where people were sort of segregated by the Houses of the Zodias. Our main character is from Cancer, then you mean other people from Gemini, Virgo and all the other houses. Also the mythology of each Houses about the bad guy was just so I loved really how each and every Houses has their own character, based on the Zodiac signs.

It was so good. I loved it. Zodiac was set in outer space.

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Humans no longer live on earth. They are now living in another part of the galaxy where instead of living in different countries, they belong to different Houses of the Zodiac. And each houses, had their own unique thing. I loved everything about this the setting, just like with the world building. This was also well thought out and executed very well. I liked how detailed everything was in regards to the place and also the type of people who are living on that specific place.

The author made me feel like I was really actually there with the characters. He was a presence that wasn't there all the time, but you know he's there. He was menacing that way. She was really the main reason I rated this book lower than it deserved because her character wrecked everything this book was trying to accomplish. She did not deserve anything at all. I love my romance in books, but when it's written so badly, it would really throw me off the entire story. And this one did just that. I hated how the main character focused more on her love life than anything else. That was just fucked up.

I hated how they all stick to what they know because they're older.


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That is such a bad trope to use in a book like this. I felt that these older people were more of the villain in the story rather than the main villain who was actually causing the chaos from the background. These people who thinks they know better because they're older are what was causing their world to crumble. I guess that was the point of the story, but still, I didn't like it.

Both her parents were absent, except from the prologue. It was all very convenient that she her mum taught her all of these things. But there was never really any explanation on why her mum taught her stuff. At least as far as I remember This book broke my heart. I really loved this so much and I think that is why it bothers me and upset me so much! I actually thought this was going to be a great book.

There were issues with the main character which were tolerable on the first half, but the next half was so godawful. Would I recommend this book, not really. Because despite my addiction to the entire world the author made, I just could not recommend reading about a character like Rho. I just could not. I just really wished this was better. I really did want to love this book. The author was pretty nice in commenting on my post about it on Instagram so it's a shame I had to rate her book lower than 3 stars. View all 21 comments.

Nov 01, Alyssa rated it really liked it Shelves: releases. But, a true Cancrian who loves her home fiercely and will protect her people no matter what, Rho accepts. Before BEA , before it had a cover, before it seemed like everyone else had heard of this one. Science fiction? A girl named after a Greek letter? Totally up my alley! I'm so glad to say that for the most part, this book did not let me down. Rho's world has actually been turned upside down.

She's been seeing a dark mass in her star readings, something that no one else has been seeing. Then Cancer has been attacked, and suddenly, Rho is thrust into the role of Guardian of Cancer. She must travel to each of the planets to warn them about the mysterious dark matter that is forming, and the myth that isn't a myth - Ophiuchus and the Thirteenth House is real. But who will believe her? And who will stand by her side, when all twelve Houses don't trust each other - exactly what Ophiuchus wants?

Science fiction! I love anything that has to do with space, honestly. This book gets really into that kind of science fiction - there is a lot of hyperspace hopping and planet traveling and intergalactic crazies. Well - maybe not intergalactic. In any case, I love the depth of the science part of this book! Russell does an excellent job of creating and constructing this science fiction world - a world that is completely fictional thus, not futuristic.

The world-building is phenomenal and very believable and fun to read. Also, how cool is it that my star sign is the same as the protagonist's!? Go cancer! I would have loved a copy of the book with the old cover as well as the new cover Any ARCs with the old cover? Someone let me know. Rho is an interesting character. She isn't perfect, and I didn't always agree with her decisions.

She doesn't expect to be a Guardian, so I totally feel for her.

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She is an excellent student something I'd like to think I relate to , an apt observer, and a clever mind. She doesn't let others' disbelief in her stop her. Her own planet didn't believe her when she started to talk about the potential of Ophiuchus being real. Rho also doesn't let a tricky and confusing romance shake her. She is determined to visit the Houses and warn them about the impending doom that is Ophiuchus, but no one will listen to her - save a Libran ambassador, Hysan. Not even Mathias, the Lodestar she appointed to protect and serve her, believes her claims.

As you can probably guess, there IS a love triangle in this book. Not sure how it will go in the series for obvious, spoilery reasons , but in this book, there is a love triangle. Russell does a really great and cruel job of making readers love one boy in the first part of the book, and then love the other boy in the second part of the book. So, basically, I actually really like both guys, and I'd hate to see one of them get hurt. Hysan is charming and flirtatious and a secret genius. Mathias is protective and skeptical and quiet.

Both are different, but I really like them both, as characters AND as love interests. The plot of this book follows Rho's journey to each House which are planets to warn them about Ophiuchus. None of the Houses really believe her, and with each House visited and warned, Rho's reputation both grows and splinters.

I love seeing her tested, House after House. I feel like Rho definitely wises up from beginning to end. The ending is Nothing is really resolved, which is sort of how a first novel in a series functions. So much is occurring within Houses, in Rho's Guardian life, with Ophiuchus roaming about, in Rho's romantic life. Rho is definitely confused, and isn't about to make a decision in terms of a relationship anytime soon. Which is smart. Overall, I'm pleased with this book! I've been begging and pleading for it, and then it dropped into my lap - which is cool with me!

Thank you, Razorbill! Now, the wait for book two Seriously, I enjoyed the book that much. I'm not sure how the romance will go in the remaining books in the series, but in this book, the love triangle is clear. Rho is torn between both guys - but the thing is, I can totally see how she is. The situation makes sense, ish.

I still don't like the presence of the triangle it's not necessary, honestly , but I get it. There aren't nearly enough awesome space-related science fiction novels in YA literature these days So, if you liked any of those books, definitely check out this one!

And even if you haven't read any of them, pick this one up anyway. Rating: 4 stars. What a wonderful debut! I'm so glad that my instinct was correct with this one, and that the story did not disappoint. That would have been heartbreaking! What's really heartbreaking is waiting for the next book Jul 17, Sophia Sardothien rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , yet-to-finish , scifi , post-apocalyptic. Our lovely Rho is unique, special, one of a kind looks at the stars to make up stories bla bla bla. One day a typical situations occur- her house being attacked.

Using the astrology we already know the author added a lot of different and interesting elements, which made this book captivating and new to read about. Anyway is really not her problem. And they're called holy mother. I'm only asking for your help. Now perfect example why I hated the terminology in this book, aha and it's not only me who doesn't like it even our darling Rho doesn't like it. Another reason why I DNF this book is that the plot was just pure boring, it seems like nothing really happens.

Note to authors, stubborn female leads are so last year okay that was a bit harsh, but really no one like stubborn and stupid and reckless female protagonist who thinks they are so mighty. She's not brave people, she's stupid. I'm sorry but I just did not like Rho at all in fact I hated her.

Hmm, as the holy mother did she do anything productive? I guess she did but I must have missed it because I was falling asleep and wasn't paying attention. But I am going to talk about the crappy romance. Okay normally I don't mind love triangles, I'm not one to hate it if appropriately used and severed a purpose. The beauty in YA sci-fi or fantasy novels is that the romance is not like typical NA novels. The romance feels real and it connects with the readers emotions. The romance in this novel is extremely forced, sometimes I think there is no immediate need of romance in the beginning of the page, it could be slowly developed in.

Anyhow I'm pretty disappointed with this book, I really did want to like this book, the author herself is a really nice person : I really hope the second one will be better then this one :D Recommend to people who - want to try something new - adore love triangles - umm weird terminology - go on a adventure that serve no purpose to the world, just only to feel the romance? View all 3 comments. Romina Russell's debut novel, Zodiac , is both out of this world fantastic and stellar. Trust me and the bad puns - you don't want to miss this book. Russell creates a new kind of world in the science fiction genre that both teens and adults will want to explore for years to come.

In the first book of the proposed trilogy, Russell introduces readers to a futur In accordance to FTC guidelines, I must state that I received a free galley copy of this book through the Goodreads First Reads program. In the first book of the proposed trilogy, Russell introduces readers to a futuristic world whose inhabitants are descendants of the people from our world. Parts of this story are revealed in the book, and Russell definitely proves to her readers that she didn't just dream this world up in one night. There are allusions and references to stories that we know, but they've been altered so that they now belong in this futuristic solar system named after the Zodiac.

Russell's world building is fantastic. I truly believe that people are going to compare her to some of the top names in YA with this book just because of all of the details that she includes in Zodiac. It's so full of new and original vocabulary that describes not only simple devices to all kinds of new planets and moons. She even includes a glossary on her website so that readers can look up these terms. The characters in Zodiac are also creative and innovative. Even though they represent people from a future society, they still hit close to home. Readers can pick up on how far this society is removed from Earth, but still relate to how human they remain.

Rho Grace, the novel's protagonist, has faced a lot of adversity in her young life, and it truly shows. Her rise to power is quick, and she faces it the way that any teen would. She's a little scared and confused. She is a unique character that will leave readers wanting more after they finish the last page.

Rho is supported by two great groups of supporting characters - her friends and the people with whom she journeys through the far reaches of the Zodiac. If you're one of those people who choose not to read books because of the inclusion of love triangles, I'm asking you to give this book a chance. The inclusion of the love triangle in no way takes away from the impressive plot. The many twists and turns in Zodiac will leave readers wishing for more.

Sometimes you find a book that's predicable, but that is not the case with Zodiac. I was shocked and surprised multiple times while reading this delightfully wonderful book. Full review can also be seen on The Hardcover Lover. View 2 comments. Mar 11, Ashleigh rated it really liked it.

Read as digital ARC. I'm super into made-up cultures, which is what drew me to Zodiac in the first place. Truth be told, I was hoping for more interaction among the signs. Aka, I'm Aquarius, and I want to be represented by a main character But, turns out a big part of the book is that the houses aren't united, so I'm sure I'll get more of what I want in the future. There's plenty here that held my interest, like Rho's rise to power, everyone's obsession with using the stars to predict everything and thinking they know everything , and all this hot, forbidden lovin'.

My favorite part: everyone's favorite Libran children's morality tale: the Case of the Alphabet Murderer. View all 5 comments. Initial Thoughts: Ooh this one was good! Awesome world-building. Great concept. This is what a space book should be like!! The concepts and ideas imagined by the author were extraordinary. I was so caught up in it all. It was so innovative and so very fun and interesting. Although a bit green, I thought the writing was quite good. There were twists and turns i Initial Thoughts: Ooh this one was good!

There were twists and turns in the plot, lots of action; this book got progressively better and better! I felt Romina managed to pack a lot of content into her book without making it seem too long. The pacing was wonderful, and my attention was held throughout. Introducing an entirely new world is extremely difficult. Romina dumped quite a bit of information in the beginning of the book which, although necessary, made things a bit confusing. I love how flawed these characters are. It makes them more realistic and endearing.

Overall I really enjoyed Zodiac, and thought it was a great YA debut! View 1 comment. Nov 14, Maria Drago rated it really liked it Shelves: i-own-and-have-read , really-good , won-mailed-arc. View at your own discretion. First off: Awesome ending! Totally thought her brother was gone, but then; NOPE. He's alive! They had me going for a second there. Anyways, Zodiac was way better than I thought It'd be.

I'm usually not into all the space-y stuff, but I actually liked this book. It could've used a little more action, but eh , no book is perfect.

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This book is adventure-y, romantic-y, and downright wicked. I mean, they have all these fancy gadgets, like Waves. And I love how all the Houses have their own type of Waves. It's totally awesome that I won this book in giveaway listed by Penguin Canada, too, by the way. Thank you for that! It's the first time I've ever won a book, and the first time I have recieved something physical in the mail.

I love Romina's writing style; it's very unique and the use of numerous fancy words doesn't hurt. Me likey. She has some pretty awesome characters, like the main character Rho; she's not completely selfless, but she's still kind and determined and smart. Her plans aren't always completely thought out, but that's what I like about her. The only thing is, I was so disappointed when Rho broke up with Hysan!

Damn you, Mathias. But I love him, too. It's complicated. Anyways, yeah! Those are basically my thoughts on this book. Again, thank you for the ARC. It's so cool! And my mother's name is Romina, too. Jan 10, Riley rated it liked it Shelves: buddy-read , books-for-review. The world in this book was brilliantly constructed but with the amount of info packed into this book and the disconnect I felt towards the characters this book fell flat for me.

However after getting to speak with the author I am much more excited for the second book and what is to come for the characters and the development of the story. Jul 24, Adele rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed , favourites , young-adult , fantasy , romance , sci-fi.

See a Problem?

Another sci-fi book that has so much potential…. Let me tell you, I was soo skeptic about reading Zodiac. Im really glad I got the chance to read it. Not only is Zodiac really unique and interesting, from the first page I was -literally- pulled into this story. And Zodiac is soo action packed, its crazy. Crazy good. Zodiac really takes the who House thing seriously.

Like, Russell took our zodiac signs and personified them to the max. Its so cle Another sci-fi book that has so much potential…. Its so cleverly insane that the storyline and all of its characters work really well together. Which is again, great. I was really infuriated at the stubbornness of the Scorpio House. The only time Ive been ashamed to be a Scorpio, to be honest. Zodiac is so action packed. With all the fight scenes, the love scenes..

Heck, the flashbacks are even action packed. But Zodiac is also filled with emotion. So much emotion.

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It is so easy to get swept up into everything that happened in this book. There is so much heartache. The main character; Rho, is a great MC. One of the great things about Rho is that she sticks by what she believes in, even when people tell her to do differently. And when people try to bring her down, she just shines even more. Rho is honest to herself in all of the best ways. She does what she perceives to be right for her people, and her home. And she protects the ones she loves. In Zodiac, Rho is pulled every-which way, and with that I gotta say, Rho is such a resilient character.

At the end of the day, she truly does what she believes in. And in this first book, Rho is such a hero. I need to say though, that there are a few things that bothered me in Zodiac. Which is painful, really, to go through. Jan 15, Justine rated it liked it Shelves: read. I actually quite enjoyed this book by the end, although I thought the writing was a tiny bit juvenile. I do plan to read the next book, so I'm hoping that bar gets raised just a tad. There is a love triangle in this one that plays a significant role in the story, so if that's a trope that annoys you, obviously you should steer clear.

It's not something that bothers me. I liked the personal growth the three characters experienced through their interactions with each other.

View all 7 comments. Jul 27, Carrie Mansfield rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , young-adult , science-fiction , best-ofcontender , arc. I was really surprised by this. In all the right ways. I admit it: I thought this sounded a bit cheesy when I first read the summary so to my great surprise, it wasn't. This is easily one of the most unique Young Adult genre worlds that I have read in ages, right up there with The Grisha series for things that I haven't normally seen. We're talking that level of unique, people.

Romina really put some thought in to her universe building, and she's clearly studied her astrology. Even the notion of a 13th house can be traced back there - yeah, Ophiuchus is a legit thing according to some. The Houses have different traits and different characteristics. She even has made up her own fables and stories for a few of the houses, I'm particularly fond of a Libran tale about the Letter O and making judgements without all the facts.

There are a few points that seem slightly silly like how a person can literally change form if their traits don't match their native House , but the rest is done well enough that you can forgive the flaw, though it wouldn't surprise me if this didn't become a plot point later on in the series. But really what sold me on this book was that it's fundamentally a tale of standing up for your truth. Rho sees something in the stars, and literally no one believes her, but she keeps fighting. She gets knocked down a lot more than she gets a helping hand, but she keeps trying. And at the same point, the author does balance this message with another message that says believe in your truth, but don't become so dogmatic in your belief that you can no longer see facts that might contradict your point of view.

It's a nice touch. The other thing that sold me on this book: fairly early on you start to see a triangle develop between Rho, Hysan and Mathias. But guess what? Rho realizes that in the wake of genocide it's not appropriate to moon over which boy likes her. Oh, she still has feelings, and she does actually act on them, but she is a far cry of wishy-washy which do I choose and nor does she let her feelings for them interfere with what she sees as her duty.

It's awesome. And refreshing. And we need more of it in Young Adult, please. The biggest disappointment of reading this book so far out in advance is that I'm going to have an even longer wait until the second book comes out. Don't worry though, you'll see reminders of this popping up before the years end, I promise. If not in other reviews, than almost certainly on my Best of list. I went there. This is genre YA done absolutely right and we need to give it all the love we can. Dec 24, Kamalia rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favourites.

I should have told you every day. One of my friends loved it so much and recommended it, and i was especially interested when she said that the main character's zodiac is Cancer. Seeing as I'm also a Cancer, I was excited to discover how much i would be able to relate to the main character, and also learn about the different zodiacs. In a nutshell, i love this book! I'm pretty sure Zodiac or its sequel will make it into my "You were born for this.

I'm pretty sure Zodiac or its sequel will make it into my top 10 books of the year even though it's the first book i read this year. I'm rating this beauty 4. I don't really know where to start. Firstly, one of the reasons i was never really interested to read this book was because of the rating it had on Goodreads 3.

I guess i prefer to prioritize reading books that are rated at least 3. After reading this book, i'm actually very shocked that the rating on GR isn't at least a 4. I did read some of the reviews from people who didn't like the book, and honestly i can't fully agree with them. I do have some minor issues but overall i really enjoyed Zodiac. I guess to be fair, whether or not a person would enjoy this book would depend on their own reading preferences.

Let's first talk about the world building. I just love how every zodiac has their own planet and moons, and on each planet they have their own way of living based on their traits and personality. It was truly incredible to discover the different cultures and traditions each zodiac has, and even though only a few zodiacs were elaborated to great detail in the first book, it was still a lot and even then there's still a lot more to find out about.

I really hope in the sequel we get to go to the other zodiacs' planets and be amazed by them as well. Among my favourite descriptions were that of Gemini and Libra's cities, the concept of the Ephemeris and having a Center, the embassies at the International Village and how anything Cancer-related always makes Rho feel at home. However, as incredible as the world building is, it's also quite heavy. Unlike series like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson etc. It wasn't like the character could say "Oh a Wave is pretty much like a super advanced smartphone people on Earth had" just so that we could understand.

Those kind of things had to be described from the way the characters interacted with the items, and the reader would have to sort of assume for themselves what they are. This bothered me at first, but i realised later that it made sense for the author to present the new world the way she did. It took a great deal of focus for me to read the first half of the book which was why it took me longer than usual to finish , because there were just so many new things to discover while the story built up its plot.

But after a while when I got used to the the general idea, it became easier to focus more on the plot and characters rather than the world building. Ahh, the characters. I can't say that i really loved the main character, Rho, because she was a little annoying at times. But at the same time, i have to admit that i really connected to her; I could relate to how she felt for certain situations and there was this one scene i'll elaborate more in the spoiler section where i just felt like i was in her shoes and it just felt so real that i cried.

I could relate to quite a lot of the Cancer traits and find myself getting excited every time a familiar one was described. The other two main characters, Mathias and Hysan, were quite attractive and i found myself being very confused for about half of the book regarding which boy I was rooting out for Rho to end up with. Eventually i settled to be on Team Mathias but hotdamn Hysan is undeniably swoon-worthy as well.

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We all know Chaol is my bookish husband, so i guess it makes sense that i would fall for him more. I think the only problem i had with the book was the way parts of the plot were executed. I'm generally okay with the whole story line, but there were certain times when something had happened so suddenly and lacked more description that it just felt a little off. Or maybe it was because I didn't think the author fully managed to let the readers capture the whole picture of some of the scenes, making it feel quite rushed and unfinished.

Other than that, there were so, so many minor characters and new places introduced that it was a little difficult for me to keep up. Sometimes i had to flip back a few pages just to check who a character was or which planet the city mentioned is in, so it was easy to get lost especially when I was already tired from the day and wanted to do a bit of reading before sleeping.

It bothered me just a little because we didn't really get to know much about all of the characters. Also worth mentioning; there was a side character named Mallie mentioned and i think i screamed a little when i read it, haha. The style of writing was very easy to follow, and there were nice parts here and there that i marked for future reference. Some of the romantic lines were very cheesy, but i'm glad that it's a cute cheesy that i like. The ending of the book didn't have much closure and i was already heartbroken by something that had happened that I didn't close the book feeling cheerfully satisfied.

I was confused with how i was supposed to feel, but at the same time was absolutely excited to read the sequel. I might get around to it next month though, because I feel like i need to read something light and fluffy to let my heart mend. Seeing as Rho was still getting to know both Mathias and Hysan, I myself was confused about which guy i liked more.

I made up my mind and chose Mathias during the part when Rho was being attacked by snipers on the way back to the Thaises' quarters.

Allison Hay

The way he tried to protect her, and when he got hurt and Rho's all "You're hurt-" and he pulls her into a hug, kisses her forehead and says "Doesn't matter. You're okay. I love that part so much, is that weird? But then when she spent more time with Hysan later and actually slept with him, I wasn't too upset or annoyed with Rho. Even though I went all "SHIT NOOO" when i realised they were going to have sex I didn't want her to get into trouble because they are both Guardians and of course, I wished it was with Mathias instead , but i was kind of half-shipping her and Hysan together.

Later, it had seemed like it was more of a one-night stand kind of thing because she needed to cope with the news of losing her dad. So i wasn't too disappointed and still had hope for her to be with Mathias. I was so happy but confused when she and Mathias finally kissed. It was confusing because she seemed to equally like both guys, but there wasn't really time to think about it since an attack was about to happen.

Russell grant horoscopes cancer

Oh God. I refused to believe he was dead, so i was so confused if he really was dead or not because Rho never actually clearly saw him dying. But when Sirna told him his final words, i knew that it must have been real. I didn't cry because it was so sudden, but i did get teary. I know she couldn't really mourn for his death at that moment, but i was frustrated that we didn't get to have a proper emotional moment to cry our broken hearts out for Mathias's death.

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Thankfully, there was a short scene a while later with Rho and Hysan, where Hysan comforted her in saying "Like you, he chose to do the honourable thing. Don't take that from him". I started getting teary again at that. It was so brief, but i appreciated that we could see Mathias's death as heroic. I feel guilty for being glad that Rho felt like she needed to be away from Hysan for a while after telling him she has feelings for both him and Mathias. The only thing that was still upsetting was the fact that Mathias never knew the truth about Rho's feelings for both guys.

Okay, now to the part that i freaking cried. Page It was the part after she got stripped from her Guardianship and got mocked and humiliated as she went out onto the streets, not knowing where to go anymore. It was horrible. People were blaming her, calling her awful things, and throwing things at her.

I've had personal experience at public humiliation before, and even though it wasn't at all as terrible as what Rho had gone through, it still reminded me of the traumatic memory and i just really felt her pain right there and then. And then, i cried even more when Hysan had actually come back and saved her from the people attacking her. I could feel her relief, and i felt like hugging her tight. Six stars for Chromecast support. A weekly podcast on topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan.

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